Q) What makes BioSafe Systems unique?
A) BioSafe Systems develops and markets environmentally friendly Crop Protection, Water Treatment, and Post Harvest/Food Safety product solutions. We stress our Field to Fork approach with dedication to environmental stewardship. Our products, commercial and retail, are EPA registered, made in the USA, and work for either conventional or organic operations.

Q What is BioSafe Systems role in food safety?
A) The BioSafe Systems approach to food safety includes antimicrobial hurdles from farm to fork. Our experienced technical service team works closely with distributors and farm mangers on solutions to eliminate pathogens in irrigation water and pre harvest crops, in addition to post harvest antimicrobial applications in flume tanks, spray bars, and fogging systems. We also provide products, equipment, and training for plant sanitary restoration.

Q) Does BioSafe Systems provide products that will eliminate Listeria monocytogenes, E. Coli, and Salmonella on fruits and vegetables?
A) SaniDate 5.0 is proven effective against these and other food borne pathogens. Direct product contact at recommended rates will eliminate pathogens and will not affect the quality or taste. This product is also approved as a hard surface sanitizer.

Q) Can BioSafe Systems provide solutions to extend shelf life?
A Yes. Bacteria, molds, yeast, and storage conditions directly effect shelf life. To extend shelf life, apply OxiDate just prior to harvest followed by an antimicrobial treatment with SaniDate in the hydro cooler, packing house, and storage facility. BioSafe Systems also provides customers with microbiological research and testing in our in house lab to identify opportunities for improvement and create custom programs.

Q) We are using chlorine in our packing house tank wash and spray bar and are having a problem with corrosion on all equipment that is not stainless steel. What is the BioSafe Systems solution?
A) Chlorine can be an effective antimicrobial when the ph of wash water is properly maintained; however, it is very corrosive to equipment, and can adulterate product taste and quality. SaniDate is our EPA approved disinfectant that provides an alternative to chlorine. It quickly and effectively destroys harmful mold, spores, mildew, and bacteria, leaving no residues behind. When used as directed, SaniDate is just more effective than chlorine. (See our SaniDate / Chlorine comparison comparison)

Q) Is there financing available for a FogTunnel purchase?
A) Yes, we have a very simple lease program available

Q) Can The Fog Tunnel be fitted to my existing process line?
A) Yes The Fog Tunnel can be retrofitted to any process line.