How It Works

The FogTunnel is placed anywhere on your existing packing line or may be used as a stand alone system. The produce enters the chamber on an adjustable speed conveyor and is subjected to a saturated environment of sanitizing fog. The FogTunnel includes a chemical dosing system that incorporates one of BioSafe Systems’ unique activated peroxygen products. Both StorOx 2.0 and SaniDate 5.0 are fully labels for the treatment of fruits, nuts and vegetables.

The StorOx/SaniDate concentrates are injected by chemical metering pump into the make up water that is used to generate the Fog within the tunnel. The StorOx/SaniDate solution is energized through the specialty fog nozzles. The fog contains the activated peroxygen solution that is now capable of treating the entire surface of the produce that enters the tunnel.

Typically, produce should be retained for a minimum of ten seconds through the tunnel to ensure proper coverage. Sometimes various crops require a very dry fog where the goal is to minimize the amount of free water deposited on the crop. In these circumstances a very dry fog is produced using compressed air and water, allowing such fruits such as berries to be treated while minimizing the amount of solution used.

Solution droplet size of 4.2 microns prevents excess moisture from building up on the produce, yet effectively saturates the surface of the produce to kill plant and spoilage pathogens.

Chemical Usage Rates and Info

StorOx 2.0: 1:100-1:250 For use in small to medium operations. For use with the most taste sensitive produce.

SaniDate 5.0: 1:256-1:1,000 For use in medium to large operations. For use with higher organic acids.

SaniDate12.0: 1:800-1:2,250 For use in larger operations.