How It’s Built

The FogTunnel has 3 main components: enclosed variable speed conveyor, Fog System, and an activated peroxygen chemical from BioSafe Systems. The Activated Peroxygen Chemistries from BioSafe Systems are specifically labeled for solution use as a fog. BioSafe Systems currently offers 2 Post Harvest treatment chemicals for use with the fog Tunnel: StorOx 2.0 and SaniDate 5.0

The FogTunnel can be custom fabricated to fit a variety of widths, table heights, conveyor openings and fog distribution options. Each unit comes with a chemical injection system, a variable speed conveyor, a fully integrated control panel with plug and play water and air connections.

The enclosure is constructed with 316 stainless steel, and all the welds meet ANSI standards for food processing operations. There are a number of conveyor belting operations that are available that include uni-solid belts, stainless steel wire belting, and cam belting to promote rolling of berries to ensure full contact.