Melon Contamination as Target for New Research Program

BioSafe Systems has entered in an agreement with the University of California at Davis to perform a series of melon contamination studies utilizing BioSafe Systems propriety Fog Tunnel Systems. The three month effort will plan to treat a variety of fruits and vegetables utilizing the FogTunnel in conjunction with BioSafe Systems sanitation and post harvest StorOx 2.0 and SaniDate 5.0, organic listed chemical bactericides and sanitizers.

contaminated melons

Fog Tunnel and SaniDate 5.0 will be tested in Dr. Trevor Suslow’s food safety research program titled “Table to Farm: sustainable Systems based Approach for a safe, healthier Cucumis supply chain in the U.S.”. This research will gather information on efficacy of SaniDate 5.0 applied as an ultra-low volume fog on human health pathogens and decay fungi on both netted and non-netted melon rind. Multiple concentrations of SaniDate 5.0 will be tested (50, 80 and 200 PPM of Peracetic Acid) on following attenuated human health pathogens on Cantaloupes, Honeydew Melons and Water Melons. Preliminary results from the research are expected by summer 2012.

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